The winner this year was Ria Oba , a Kaiser High School student, who wants to study Medicine and has already been
accepted to John Hopkins university.  Her specialty will be Cancer.  Her mom is a cancer survivor and her Dad is currently
ill.  She had a 4.625 GPA and a 2080 Sat score
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Posted on Oct 15, 2015
The Rotary Club of Hawaii Kai, with the proceeds of the Ducky Dash, where able to award 5 Windward Community College student with $1,000 Scholarships each in honor of Don Aus.
This brings our total to 33 scholarships of $1000 each, in 6 years. Great job for a small club. 
Big Mahalo to so many who contributed to make this  possible.
For more information about the Don Aus Scholarship Fund or to make a donation please Call 808-808-396-5535
It's Duck Season in Hawaii Kai! Join us 9/24/16 at Hawaii Kai Towne Center (Center Stage) for a fun filled day of live entertainment, games and the famous Duck Dash.
Win prizes by 'adopting' ducks. Monies Raised will be used for scholarships and reinvested back into the Hawaii Kai community.
Click the Duck Dash tab on home page for more information.
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It was back to school time.  Many students do not have 

enough supplies to start school.  The Rotary Club of Hawaii Kai held 

it's annual supply drive and received over $1,700 worth 

of school supplies and donations.  


We are grateful to Walgreens Hawaii Kai for allowing us 

to use their storefront for our collections.

Mahalo to Walgreens and all the volunteers who worked that event.


Click Here to see the Photos



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 On Thanksgiving Day our club provided a dinner,

entertainment and gifts to the residents of

Lunalilo Home.  This is an annual tradition for

our club.  This year we went "all out"

to provide a tremendous experience for all. 

Please watch the videos and enjoy the pictures.













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